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Community: why some managers triple the number of high performers in a team

Learn amp community

Research shows that community is the secret to developing people.

‘Connector managers’ – those who foster interactions and connections between different employees and teams – have been shown to be far more effective at developing skills and capabilities than managers who focus on directly mentoring and coaching their team. In fact, this focus on what the community can bring to learning experiences boosts employee engagement by 40% and triples the number of high-performing team members.[1]

Learn Amp builds these principles into our technology. We’ve created a learning platform inspired by community: implementing learning from a whole range of sources and experts as well as peers. Community builds engagement and commitment and makes it easier to connect people across different locations, time zones and languages. That all leads to happy, more effective people who stay with your business longer.


[1] https://www.gartner.com/smarterwithgartner/5-business-strategies-for-chros-to-lead-digital-transformation/