The most important metric you're NOT measuring

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Inducting new employees: why you should get the whole team involved

2 minute read

Employee engagement: this one thing trumps everything

2 minute read

How AI will really transform the future workplace!

It’s inevitable that artificial intelligence and automation will become increasingly prevalent in...
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How we build a Learnlist: 5 evidence-based principles

Learnlists – what we call our learning modules – are effectively play lists of learning. They are...
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Three reasons why your Employee Experience needs a digital upgrade

The key to attracting, developing and retaining great talent is to develop an amazing end-to-end...
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The 4 biggest pitfalls of Induction (and how to avoid them)

Four out of five employees who leave in the first six months make up their mind to do so in the...
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Managing talent in high growth businesses

For most high-growth businesses, the biggest limitation to their growth is the rate at which they...
2 minute read

Why Personal Development Pathways are the missing link in your Employee Journey

Personal Development Pathways (PDPs) as individual plans for self-improvement are far more...
2 minute read

Making the Apprenticeship levy work for you

The term ‘Apprenticeship Levy’ may sound daunting, but it can actually be a great opportunity for...
1 minute read
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