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Learn Amp holds on to 'No.1 LXP' spot globally for the 2nd year running


We are proud to share that industry leading analyst Craig Weiss has named us as the winner in the 'LXP' category for 2018-19, so second year running. Craig Weiss was previously voted 'The most influential person in the world' for learning systems and one of the most influential for e-learning so we’re chuffed to get this glowing endorsement. Thank you Craig!

What is an LXP or LEP?

LXPs are single-point-of-access, consumer-grade systems composed of integrated technologies for enabling learning. They can do many tasks, such as curating and aggregating content, creating learning and career pathways, enabling networking, enhancing skill development, and tracking learning activities delivered via multiple channels and content partners. By delivering on a central platform, LXPs enable businesses to provide an engaging and learning-rich experience and may lessen their reliance on an LMS or talent suite as the learning hub. - Janet Clarey - Lead Advisor of Tech, Analytics and Learning at Bersin by Deloitte

Why did Learn Amp win?

Craig noted that we “Scored high on the general 'LXP template”. Big wins include: Excellent UI/UX

  • Strong administration tools
  • Clear analytics and learning environment functionality
  • Ability to quickly curate content
  • Focus on skill building

Our take:

Our belief is that the 'Learning Experience' is a big part of the wider 'Employee Experience' - tying together Learning, Engagement and Performance.

Our LXP features help employees and student to learn in a way that works for them. We believe that the best experience for learners should be aligned with the business they work for. To that end we’ve blended LXP features with LMS functionality too. This makes it easier for those with existing LMS to integrate for a seamless learner experience.

Adding our Engagement tools allows businesses to check in on how employees are feeling on this journey and whether they need further coaching. Issuing regular surveys and polls allows for quick and early feedback. Q&A and Exercises help businesses coach and guide their employees.

The final piece of the puzzle is Performance. Our performance management suite including OKR tools allows you to set objectives and key results across the business - helping you to see how your efforts contribute to the company’s overall objectives. Our 1-to-1 tools allow you to have conversations with your employees to check for alignment with the overall company goals.

All three areas together - Learn - Engage - Perform - complete a virtuous circle. The more that employees are learning, the better they will perform and the more they will feel engaged. Identifying gaps allows a business to know what their employees should be learning next, or what to do to engage and retain your very best talent.