How the best hybrid businesses handle onboarding

If you’re handling the challenging process of building an onboarding programme for hybrid and...
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How to create a culture of self-awareness

Companies with high levels of workforce self-awareness achieve better performance outcomes. So...
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Do you need a new learning platform?

Does your company really need a new learning platform? Take the L&D health check to find out.
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5-Point Scale: The Best Way to Measure Employee Skills

TLDR; a 5-point scale is the best way to measure employee skill level because it is Simple, concise...
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How to Make Compliance Part of a Great Employee Experience

TLDR; compliance training is only “uninspiring, forgettable or irrelevant” if that’s how it’s...
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How Learn Amp Helps Small Learning Teams Do More with Less

From using Learn Amp as a Customer Education Platform, Learn Fox founder Laura Lee-Gibbs knows...
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Is it better to build or buy a Learning Management System?

So, you’ve decided your company needs a new learning management system (LMS).Whether you are a tech...
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Learn Amp wins Impact Fifty award

Learn Amp was selected from thousands of companies of all sizes and recognised alongside the likes...
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What is work life like at Learn Amp?

Recently recognised by Hyer alongside the likes of Google and Patagonia as one of the most...
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Craig Weiss Reviews What Makes Learn Amp So Special

With so many learning systems on the market, it can be difficult for any specific vendor to set...
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