Nurturing Employee Growth in a Shifting Landscape: Has the conventional career ladder been left behind for horizontal skills development?

This Summer I had the opportunity to attend a series of breakfast round tables for L&D and HR...
7 minute read

Employee Experience and Employee Engagement: what's the difference?

Employee experience and engagement are frequently used synonymously and incorrectly, but they are...
9 minute read

Insights from World of Learning 2023

Earlier this weekI was in Birmingham, on stand and exhibiting at the World of Learning conference....
7 minute read

Exploring the World of Learning: Highlights from the 2023 Conference

The World of Learning Conference, held at the Birmingham NEC on the 10th and 11th of October,...
9 minute read

Designing an L&D strategy that drives performance

To design a learning strategy that drives improved performance and progression, it can help to...
15 minute read

How Learn Amp helped 'Will it Make the Boat Go Faster?' build a customer learning community

Will it Make the Boat Go Faster? are a leadership and performance consultancy. They were looking...
10 minute read

#PrideMonth: Authenticity is the key to support causes effectively as a business

There are 29 ‘International Days (United Nations International Observances) this month alone. No...
4 minute read

How the best hybrid businesses handle onboarding

If you’re handling the challenging process of building an onboarding programme for hybrid and...
5 minute read

How to create a culture of self-awareness

Companies with high levels of workforce self-awareness achieve better performance outcomes. So...
16 minute read

Do you need a new learning platform?

Does your company really need a new learning platform? Take the L&D health check to find out.
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