Hybrid work: Separating the facts from the fiction

The hybrid working model, where some employees are in the office and others work remotely, is seen...
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Why heading back to the office is bad for business

With the lockdown easing, many business owners are asking themselves - should we all head back to...
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Why compliance increases risk

In theory, building a more compliant business should reduce your exposure to risk. Unfortunately,...
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What's in a name: HR Director or Head of People?

HR has had a makeover recently. The field now abounds with trendy job titles, from Chief Happiness...
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Annual appraisals do more harm than good. Here’s what to do instead.

Annual appraisals really don’t work. Only 14% of employees strongly agree that their annual...
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Microlearning Benefits For L&D Professionals

Implemented correctly, microlearning can have many benefits for a professional and be hugely...
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How To Tie Learning To Performance For Outstanding Business Results

To deliver a real Return On Investment, Learning and Development must be directly tied to...
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How To Implement Microlearning In Your L&D Strategy

Implementing microlearning in your L&D strategy can be very challenging, but these 4 steps are...
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How To Choose A Microlearning Solution

With so many microlearning solutions out there, finding the best is not an easy task.
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How To Boost Engagement With Social Learning

The need for employee engagement is even more critical in remote companies. Social learning is a...
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