How the best hybrid businesses handle onboarding

If you’re handling the challenging process of transitioning your business to long-term hybrid work,...
5 minute read

How to help new hires feel like part of a hybrid remote team

When some employees are working from home, others are in the office, and some are bouncing between...
4 minute read

To transition to hybrid work, you need to rethink employee onboarding

When you transition your company to long-term hybrid remote work, getting the onboarding process...
4 minute read

The secret to an engaged hybrid workforce? Better onboarding

The hybrid working model  is the future. But creating a strong company culture can be a challenge...
3 minute read

Why every new hire should spend a day with you before joining

Some businesses are reluctant to invite candidates to spend the day working with their prospective...
9 minute read

Bouncing back – how to rebuild employee morale after redundancies

We have looked at how to create a supportive environment during the redundancy consultancy process....
4 minute read

How to create a legal, fair and compassionate redundancy process

We talked to Nick Lawson-Williams, People Director at People Puzzles to find out what businesses...
10 minute read

The secret to remote offboarding? Kindness.

Offboarding - the process of separating a leaving employee from the company - is a critical part of...
5 minute read

How the best remote companies empower new hires

As we tentatively ease out of lockdown, it’s time to switch from crisis to recovery mode1. For many...
6 minute read

How to rethink recruitment: Lessons from hiring remotely

The shift to remote recruiting can be tough for People teams.
5 minute read
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