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Employee Engagement Summit: A Day of Insights and Inspiration

The Brewery, London: Where Ideas Flourished 

Over 1000 attendees gathered at The Brewery in London on May 1st for the highly anticipated Employee Engagement Summit. Read on for my thoughts on the day!

Setting the Stage: The Atmosphere 

1714584432018The moment I stepped into The Brewery; I could feel the energy. The event was charged with anticipation for the day whilst the first people arriving found a lovely buffet breakfast served. The Learn Amp stand as well as the main stage was set for a day of learning, networking, and inspiration. The air buzzed with excitement as professionals from diverse industries converged to explore the latest trends, share success stories, and discuss strategies for fostering engaged teams.


Speakers Who Ignited the Room

Sarah Pass: Insights from an HR Influential Thinker

Sarah Pass, a renowned HR thought leader, kicked off the event. As one of HR Magazine’s Most Influential Thinkers for 2023, Sarah delved into the 2023 Engage for Success annual survey, shedding light on the current state of employee engagement in the UK. 

“Employee engagement levels have been on a rollercoaster ride,” Sarah explained. “The pandemic hit hard, causing a significant drop in engagement. Despite our best efforts, we’re still struggling to return to pre-pandemic levels. Currently, we’re hovering at 62%—a clear sign that we need to take action.” 

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Key Takeaways: Prioritising People Issues

Sarah emphasised two critical questions: 

  1. Do senior leaders prioritise people issues when making business decisions? 

  1. Do managers prioritise people issues in day-to-day decisions? 

The survey results were eye-opening. Only 2 out of 5 respondents answered “yes” to both questions. And here’s the kicker: these responses were closely correlated with stress levels and overall engagement. When employees felt heard, engagement soared. 

Hybrid Working: A Game-Changer 

“Organisations that support hybrid working have better engagement levels,” Sarah revealed. “Flexibility matters. It’s not just about where you work; it’s about how you work.” 

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Leadership Buy-In and the Power of Listening 

“Managers and senior leaders play a pivotal role,” Sarah emphasised. “When they actively listen to employees’ concerns and incorporate feedback into business decisions, magic happens. A positive workplace culture emerges—one where people feel valued and heard.” 

Gen Z: The Future Workforce 

The panel discussion was a highlight of the summit. Carlo Beschi (Agile lead at Treatwell), Helen Card (Communication and Engagement specialist at Homes England), and Beth Perry (Head of Internal Communications and Culture at First Central) shared their insights. Here’s what stood out: 

  1. Gen Z’s Growing Influence: Next year, Gen Z will make up 30% of the workforce. Their unique perspective and tech-savviness are invaluable assets. 

  1. Reverse Learning: Why not explore reverse learning? Leaders can teach Gen Z their expertise, while Gen Z can impart digital skills—video editing, social media tools—to senior figures. It’s a win-win situation. 

Vicky Edwards, Chief People Officer at Alpha Financial, emphasised the critical role of managers in how engagement correlates to performance. 

She highlights how managers must be equipped with the right tools to provide meaningful feedback. This isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about genuine conversations that empower employees. Constructive feedback fuels growth and fosters confidence. When managers feel assured, they can guide employees effectively, set clear goals, and drive performance improvements. Listening matters—employees crave guidance and a sense of being heard. By actively listening, managers create an environment where employees feel valued and understood. It’s a powerful way to enhance engagement and boost performance. 

This is something platforms can support, via features like pulse surveys, manager support, training initiatives, coaching sessions, wellness hubs (as Metro Bank did to much success).

In the end, it’s about creating a culture where managers thrive as mentors, employees flourish, and performance soars. 

Conclusion: A Call to Action 


Closing statements were made and I wanted to explore how these questions were addressed within Learn Amp. As a People Development Hub, we understand the importance of employee engagement and how that ties into performance. 

Learn Amp seamlessly integrates learning, collaboration, development, and performance tools into one unified People Development Hub, so that you can enhance the employee journey, from preboarding to career progression. Giving your people the power to learn, connect and develop at every stage of their journey, so they can perform better and progress further. 

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