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How Learn Amp Helps Small Learning Teams Do More with Less

From using Learn Amp as a Customer Education Platform, Learn Fox founder Laura Lee-Gibbs knows first-hand how a great LMS can help a one-person digital learning team do more with less

We spoke to Laura about Learn Fox and asked her about:  

  • how Learn Amp allowed her to “productise” her knowledge to scale her consultancy services 
  • the Learn Amp tools she finds most useful
  • what she wants to achieve next with Learn Amp  

What is Learn Fox? 

Learn Fox is a digital learning consultancy that provides guidance to organisations in developing their learning strategies.  

Laura Lee-Gibbs, Learn Fox founder, sees people, technology and learning content - and how they intersect and interact - as part of an integrated dynamic. 

On this basis, Laura advises businesses on selecting the right content learning management system (LMS) to deliver the best learning content and experience to their people.   

Learn Amp helped Learn Fox scale their consulting services

But Laura can only work with so many clients at any one time and new clients often face a long lead-in time. To improve this, Laura needed to productise her knowledge and expertise, so she could support a wider range of clients.  

She began by taking a new consultancy approach - the Learn Fox Lab. She devised a guided workshop process to help clients make decisions, align stakeholders and identify priorities for people, content and technology.  

From there, she developed an online customer academy, the Learn Fox Den, to empower companies and stakeholders to self-serve their own digital transformation.

“My clients are the ones that know their business, understand their audiences and their functional requirements,” Laura says. “I'm just helping to facilitate - giving them the tools and know-how to dive deeper into vendor screening processes and LMS procurement. Instead of handing them a completed project or external needs assessment, it's all about coaching them to do it themselves.” 

As one of the best LMS for training businesses, Laura recognised Learn Amp’s potential to be the new home of the Learn Fox Den.

Building a Customer Education Platform

Laura has used Learn Amp as a Customer Education Platform. Subscribers get one year’s access to The Den, with access to curated content, videos, templates and best practice guides that they can dip in and out of independently.

Laura has also set up specialist channels that offer a deep dive on topics like platform selection, building a bespoke platform, content creation and digitising existing content, as well as engagement mechanisms, such as gamification. 

With Learn Amp, Learn Fox has been able to curate learning pathways to deliver relevant content to diverse stakeholders in engaging ways, aligning people on what to expect in their digital transformation process.


Why Laura saw Learn Amp as the best LMS for delivering external training 

Laura first came across Learn Amp when looking for an LMS to include in the selection process for one of her clients; a large membership organisation.  

“Learn Amp caught my attention because it was a new and really interesting LMS/LXP hybrid,” she says. “Since then, I’ve included Learn Amp in several LMS selection projects for various organisations with different use cases.”  

1. Look & feel

Learn Amp enabled Laura to create a recognisable space. Using Canva, she created a colour scheme, banner and tile imagery that reflects the Den’s own branding.  

“Once I got the look and feel, it elevated it and made it look so coherent. And it was surprisingly easy to do. The interface is really clean and simple, so you can draw people's attention to the content.” 

2. Content curation

Clients need to be able to self-serve learning and to easily interact on the platform. Learn Amp delivers content in a way that is engaging, fluid, and simple to navigate.

The user interface reflects the style of the apps people use every day, making for a familiar, intuitive experience.  

3. People interaction

The social learning functionality not only connects users to each other, but also makes it easier for Laura to connect with her clients.

With the chat and Q&A tools, Laura can interact on individual content and Learnlists, and respond directly to queries in the flow of work.

4. Technology

Learn Amp has helped ease the administrative burden on Laura.  

“A huge benefit of Learn Amp is the simple way to edit and administrate stuff,” she says. “I can make changes within a page, a channel or a Learnlist without having to go somewhere else. When you've got limited resources, that’s hugely time-saving.”  

What's next for the Den on Learn Amp?

“When I chose Learn Amp,” Laura says, “I thought, ‘This does exactly what I want it to do now.’ But I'm really excited about new things that are aligned with where I want to take the Den.”  

In the short-term, Laura wants to build out the Den with more valuable content and an even better user experience. She is looking at new ways to generate more leads for the Labs and the Den, to grow the community and enhance the sharing of experiences and perspectives.

With the new social functionality, Laura also want to create communities of practice to ensure that community grows and learns from each other. In addition, she wants to make more use of blended learning and weave in some webinars via a series of Readiness Workshops for clients.

In the longer term, she aims to make digital learning transformation a continual evolution, as organisations reach higher levels of digital learning maturity and share their learnings and experiences.  

As Laura says, “I'm constantly accumulating so much experience from working with different organisations with different use cases and as a result refining my own processes, tools and templates. So much value can be applied from one use case to another, together with applying fresh perspectives and approaches."

"My mission for the Learn Fox Den is to share the huge depth and breadth of experience I'm accumulating in digital learning transformation more widely in an environment where my clients can experience good practice in digital learning whilst also learning from each other's experiences.”

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