What is Competency-Based Education? A Complete Guide

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Exploring Continuous Professional Development (CPD): A Comprehensive Guide to Lifelong Learning and Career Growth

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2024's Best Learning Systems: Top 10 LMS and eLearning Platforms Ranked

Picking a new Learning System is hard.
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Understanding LMS vs LXP vs TXP: Key Differences and Choosing the Right Platform for Your Needs

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From Cookie-Cutter to Customised: How Personalisation is Transforming Learning

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Why companies should lean into reskilling and upskilling – lessons from Talent to Sales

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Improving Employee Experience to Drive Growth - Takeaways from the L&D Community

This week I attended the People Power Summit – a focused and impactful event. The roster was filled...
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A launch comms strategy is essential for high adoption and continued engagement with your new learning platform

A well-considered communications strategy can have a huge impact on the initialadoption your...
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Nurturing Employee Growth in a Shifting Landscape: Has the conventional career ladder been left behind for horizontal skills development?

This Summer I had the opportunity to attend a series of breakfast round tables for L&D and HR...
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