Employee Experience
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Three reasons why your Employee Experience needs a digital upgrade


The key to attracting, developing and retaining great talent is to develop an amazing end-to-end employee experience. The key to joining the dots between all the different parts of that experience is mapping out the most engaging and effective Employee Journey and to do that scale you need technology. Here’s why:

  1. Employee focus = business success

Companies who put their employee experience front and centre, along with the customer experience, perform better on every key metric. When tracked, over a decade these companies outperformed their competitors fourfold on revenue growth, grew headcount at a rate of eight new staff to every one for non-employee-focused companies, and increased their value by a massive 901%, compared to just 74% for their competitors.[1]

Prioritising the employee experience means businesses have to make the most of every tool at their disposal. Every stage of the experience needs to be monitored, managed and continually improved: the right software is an essential tool as you push above 50 staff (earlier if you scaling fast!) if you want to keep things on track.

  1. You can’t afford to be left behind

In a 2018 survey of business leaders, 67% admitted that if their company did not become significantly more digitised in the next few years, they would no longer be competitive.[2] HR is a key area where the pressure is on to digitise and innovate to attract, retain and motivate people.

  1. Digital means greater efficiencies in tough conditions

With unemployment rates at under 4%, amongst the lowest they’ve been for half a century, great talent is increasingly hard to come by and even harder to keep. With little room to manoeuvre in such a market, the right technology can prove the only effective means of continuing to improve efficiencies at every stage of your employee experience: whether around recruitment, induction, onboarding, development, performance management or retention.

As the biggest driver of business success, and the biggest overhead for almost all organisations, companies that invest in the right technology to improve their employee experience will see the greatest returns on that investment.


[1] From: Kotter & Heskitt, Corporate Culture and Performance, 2011

[2] https://www.gartner.com/smarterwithgartner/top-3-priorities-for-hr-in-2019/