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Craig Weiss Reviews What Makes Learn Amp So Special

With so many learning systems on the market, it can be difficult for any specific vendor to set themselves apart from the crowd by offering something truly unique. 

Learn Amp is one vendor who has done the impossible and created a system with unique capabilities.

I recently named Learn Amp as the #2 Learning System for 2023 in FindAnLMS's annual list of the top 20 learning systems.

Praising it for...

  • effective UI/UX that isn’t a carbon copy of competing solutions
  • excellent skills module including everything from data visualization tools that tell a story, to a skills frequency chart highlighting top skills by role and topic
  • built-in escalation policies for compliance needs
  • solid overall metrics
The secret to the success of Learn Amp is a dedicated team that isn’t trying to replicate what other LMS vendors are doing but meet the e-learning needs of modern hybrid businesses.

Find out more and read my full review of Learn Amp on FindAnLMS.com.

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