Risk & Compliance
2 minute read

The best ways to teach your learners how to understand and manage risk

Compliance regulation has always played a critical role in most businesses, but it is increasingly becoming a part of industries across all parts of society.

As compliance regulation becomes increasingly important, businesses must begin to consider how to manage not only the 'tick-box exercise' elements of risk, but also how to manage the underlying elements of risk.

In this webinar, I join Steve Sullivan, founder of Channel Doctors, and Alana Bagnall, Operations Manager at Metro Bank, to explore:

  • the context and background as to why compliance and regulation is important for businesses;
  • how to treat your learners with respect without patronising them;
  • how to empower your learners to encourage ownership;
  • how to employ microlearning and spaced assessment to maximise impact;
  • and how to understand what your learners are capable of and what content works best for them.

This is the webinar for you if you believe that:

I'll also demonstrate some Learn Amp features and show how they relate to managing risk differently.

If you want to discover more about compliance and regulation, find out how to engage your learners, or see how Learn Amp can help improve compliance training in your organisation, download our webinar on compliance and risk below.


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