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Our 5 predictions for the L&D trends to watch in 2023

If we’ve learned anything in recent years, it’s that the world is unpredictable and everything can change in the blink of an eye. At the same time, that unpredictability has driven businesses to re-evaluate the way they work. To remain competitive, businesses are becoming more agile and flexible – which requires new skills and competencies, and new ways of developing them.  

With hybrid work now commonplace, and automation taking over more and more tasks, L&D teams are becoming strategic in their priorities. But what hasn’t changed is the central principle of L&D: to help employees do their jobs better, both now and in the future.  

As we embark on another uncertain new year, let’s look at the challenges and the trends shaping the future of learning and development – and the key role learning systems play in addressing them.  

1. Building skills and competencies for performance

Businesses are increasingly recognising the value of skills and competencies as currency for higher performance and for futureproofing business.  

To this end, Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) are evolving to connect learning content to core competencies, helping to align employee goals with overall organisational objectives. 

For Learn Amp, tying learning and development to improved performance outcomes is a given. Learn Amp enables learners to focus on the skills they most need. Learning content is geared towards developing skills, and competency frameworks allow learners and leaders to track progress and improvement. AI-powered recommendations based on learners' skills development steers them towards content that keeps them on track for better performance.  

2. Personal development for growth

Ongoing upskilling and reskilling are crucial for impact and performance, especially in the hybrid workplace, where digital skills are needed in every area of work. It’s key, however, that employees are getting the right L&D for them – in other words, that the skills gained help them address their performance challenges, achieve goals and progress in their careers. 

Learning solutions like Learn Amp offer blended learning pathways for individuals and teams to shape their own Personal Development Plans. This empowers them to own their own growth and progression, and builds trust and self-awareness.  

At the same time, HR management tools give managers visibility on performance and results, which can inform performance and progression conversations and one-to-ones. Up-to-date performance metrics also help to demonstrate L&D’s impact as a strategic, cross-functional business-critical area, in line with Marketing or Finance.  

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3. Agile L&D for flexibility and learning in the flow of work 

With the speed of change in the world of work, organisations often feel under pressure to solve all the big problems, perfectly, first time. This can be a recipe for chaos. Instead, L&D should be approached as an ongoing, evolving process. By applying agile product methodologies to learning and development, companies can upskill and reskill their workforces seamlessly, at pace and in the flow of work. This means more flexibility and less disruption.  

With a dynamic learning ecosystem, businesses can offer learners an integrated LMS/LXP toolkit that delivers the right learning content fast, and at point of need. Combining content from best-of-breed partners such as Go1 and Udemy, with content management tools from Anders Pink, Learn Amp allows learners to find, curate create and share the content they most need.  

4. Community learning for engagement  

Keeping learners engaged and connected means making learning relevant and enjoyable. For distributed teams, this demands a flexible, decentralised approach. At the same time, L&D teams need to be able to monitor and drive engagement and compliance. To cover those bases, a unified learning platform is key.  

LMS/LXP solutions are evolving, experimenting with new tools such as VR, offering familiar user experiences in the style of TikTok or Spotify, and taking creative approaches to learning, such as storytelling or gamification.  

Combined with social tools such as recommendations, discussion forums and Q&A, learners can engage with each other, share knowledge and content maintain that vital connectivity even when working remotely.   


Get actionable insights around Employee Experience and People Development



Get actionable insights around Employee Experience and People Development



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Get actionable insights around Employee Experience and People Development



5. Data and automation for insights and value  

With an uncertain economic year looming, it’s essential for L&D teams to be able to demonstrate the value and impact of their learning investment. L&D teams need access to the right analytics at the right time, to measure learning and track learners’ development and performance.  

For example, eyecare specialists Specsavers were able to showcase the benefits of using Learn Amp to deliver a new learning strategy across Australia. They achieved $62,698 in efficiency savings in the first year, and could demonstrate measurable increases in the number of In-Store Trainers and team member capability levels – even while facing the uncertainty of successive Covid-19 lockdowns! 

Learn Amp’s intuitive management dashboard offers customisable reporting and analytics tools, so that those in strategic positions can produce actionable data, while automation on reporting and compliance saves on admin time. 

Help your teams learn to perform at their best in 2023  

As 2023 dawns, new learning priorities are on the horizon. L&D teams are seeking to craft a clear vision for performance-focused learning and development. They want L&D to add business value though improved knowledge, skills, behaviours. They need actionable data to back up this added value, in terms of better productivity and progression outcomes, so they can maintain buy-in from management and engagement from learners.  

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