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Why Learn Amp serves both your People and IT teams

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In our experience at Learn Amp, L&D and IT teams don’t always see eye-to-eye on what learning tools companies need. L&D may want multiple specialist tools, while IT may prefer to consolidate things with a one-size-fits-none ERP. A learning suite like Learn Amp, however, covers all your learning needs–and keeps the C-suite happy.

As the world of work has eased into the new normal and the dust has settled, CIOs, CTOs and IT departments are left wrangling with their colleagues over a cohesive digital and technology strategy. Individual departments were previously allowed to bring in new tech systems to quickly adapt and address their own particular needs, often failing to see the holistic and long term view. Disparate, disconnected systems create siloed data, disjointed user experiences across a broad ranging tech stack, and result in rising costs and a plethora of vendor relationships to manage.

Figuring out how to consolidate these systems into a more cohesive tech stack isn’t easy – especially when it comes to organisation-wide functions like L&D and HR.

  • For the CIO or CTO, the temptation may be to use ERPs to bring all operations and users into a single platform. This makes sense–fewer systems to administrate, fewer providers to deal with, a more aligned IT strategy delivered by a single partner, with lower costs, cleaner data, fewer integrations and reduce points of risk.

  • Chief People Officers (CPOs) want to see the whole picture around the “employee experience” - meaning that they may also lean towards implementing all People functions through a single ERP.

  • The problem is, when it comes to employee learning and development, large ERPs lack the specialisation that L&D teams need to deliver an effective learner experience, drive improved efficiencies and achieve more impactful results[1].

  • The important context here is that, in a hotly contested talent market, most businesses today face an urgent need to upskill and develop their workforce. If not, they risk losing talent to competitors, or seeing a growing skills gap and eventual obsolescence[2]. Giving L&D the tools they need to deliver their people agenda and meet demanding business needs must be a top priority.

Luckily, there is a new approach that is proving popular. Learning and Development suites allow CTOs and CPOs to provide specialist services (learning, collaboration, engagement, performance) in one platform, whilst leaving wider HR solutions in tools they were designed for.

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That said, it’s vital to choose the right learning suite. Here’s what you need to look for to keep all stakeholders happy:

  • An OpenAPI which allows your learning and development suite to talk to and report out to other software applications, making for seamlessly integrated workflows and smoother functionality.

  • And/or an sFTP solution that allows speedy and secure transfer of multiple large files across local and remote systems, to keep all your information and learning resources in a single central location.

  • A straightforward and easy implementation process, with a technical team on hand to set your systems up correctly from the word “Go” and keep the pressure off your own IT team.

  • The ability to tie learning, talent, and performance development together, allowing CPOs to monitor and optimise the employee journey and experience.

  • Best in breed governance and functionality, to protect your confidential employee data with encryption, public key authentication, data integrity, and host authentication.

  • Specialist features and solutions that create a great learner experience and enable self-serving engagement, that provide a flexible structure and highly customisable interface and has a depth of administrative tools that are easy to use and automate as many processes as possible.

Not every learning and development suite is able to keep everyone happy. However, at Learn Amp, we’ve designed our platform in close collaboration with data protection-conscious and tech-savvy customers in sectors like software development, banking and cybersecurity.

As a result, we’ve made sure we can meet the needs of the most demanding and risk-averse CTOs or CIOs, while also delighting People and L&D leaders, as well as employees with a holistic easy-to-use, engaging and enjoyable platform.

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