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Why working from home can make work life, work better

Working from home is increasingly popular in the modern world. We are big believers in it at Learn Amp and manage it with very open communication and honesty. Here are our top 5 reasons why working from home can be a real power play for your Employee Experience.


1. Avoiding the commute

Whether you have to fight the battle of public transport with your nose in someone else’s newspaper or sit bumper to bumper in traffic, for most people, commuting to work is a bore. Cutting this out of people’s day can be a huge morale booster, save them time and also help keep them protected from easily spread sickness.


2. Working from home inspires trust

Allowing people to work from home, be responsible for their time and deliverables inspires trust and in turn, goodwill. You don’t have to be watching over people to ensure they are doing their job. Show them you trust them, and they will likely deliver more and with a greater sense of happiness.


3. Fewer sick days

A bit of a cold or cough can be given much more weight if you have to drag yourself into the office. But, with the freedom to work from home, you can get fully recovered in the comfort of your own peace and quiet, then return to the office right as rain. Plus, less worry about sharing those snivels and sneezes. Share cake, not colds.


4. Never more connected

There are so many ways to stay connected – whether that’s with your team or customers. Our customers are all over the world and with the likes of Zoom Video Conferencing – the only barrier to a chat is working out the time zone. Same applies to the Team. We share learning articles on Learn Amp when working from home, when in the office, wherever!


5. A simple way to happiness and loyalty

As with anything, working from home is about balance. It’s important to feel the support of your Team in person and as well, giving people their freedom. By giving your employees this chance, loyalty and happiness are a natural outcome.


Final thoughts...

We hope we've provided you with some useful insights into the advantages of remote working.

A digital learning platform can be a great way for your company to facilitate remote working and training, especially when all your content, pathways, performance management tools and more are within one system.

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