Gabby Cummins - Chief Operating Officer

Gabby Cummins - Chief Operating Officer
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To transition to hybrid work, you need to rethink employee onboarding

When you transition your company to long-term hybrid remote work, getting the onboarding process...
4 minute read

The secret to an engaged hybrid workforce? Better onboarding

The hybrid working model is the future. But creating a strong company culture can be a challenge...
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How top-performing businesses are implementing a hybrid work model

Many of the world’s most successfully companies are shifting to long-term hybrid work. Here, we’re...
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An overlooked aspect of your hiring process — references.

Companies spend hours longlisting, shortlisting, testing and interviewing candidates. But when it...
5 minute read

A 6-step plan to transition to hybrid work

For many businesses, the time has come to make the transition to a hybrid working model. But the...
5 minute read

What's in a name: HR Director or Head of People?

HR has had a makeover recently. The field now abounds with trendy job titles, from Chief Happiness...
5 minute read

Annual appraisals do more harm than good. Here’s what to do instead.

Annual appraisals really don’t work. Only 14% of employees strongly agree that their annual...
5 minute read

Why unlimited holiday is a dangerous idea

Unlimited holiday sounds great - a tempting perk to attract great talent, and a way to show your...
5 minute read

Why every new hire should spend a day with you before joining

Some businesses are reluctant to invite candidates to spend the day working with their prospective...
9 minute read

Sticks and stones: A glossary of inclusive words

When it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), actions speak louder than words[1]. But,...
16 minute read
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