Gabby Cummins - Head of Operations

Gabby Cummins - Head of Operations
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Why unlimited holiday is a dangerous idea

Unlimited holiday sounds great - a tempting perk to attract great talent, and a way to show your...
5 minute read

Why every new hire should spend a day with you before joining

Some businesses are reluctant to invite candidates to spend the day working with their prospective...
9 minute read

Sticks and stones: A glossary of inclusive words

When it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), actions speak louder than words[1]. But,...
16 minute read

“We’re all humans first”: Talking DE&I in remote workplaces with Kay Fabella

In this interview, we talk to Kay Fabella, a DEI consultant and visibility strategist for...
3 minute read

“Racism eats culture for breakfast”: Talking diversity and equity with Melissa Andrada

Melissa Andrada is a Creative DEI strategic advisor, motivational speaker, leadership coach and...
12 minute read

Bouncing back – how to rebuild employee morale after redundancies

We have looked at how to create a supportive environment during the redundancy consultancy process....
4 minute read

How to create a legal, fair and compassionate redundancy process

We talked to Nick Lawson-Williams, People Director at People Puzzles to find out what businesses...
10 minute read

How to talk and listen to your remote team after redundancies at work

If you’re currently in the process of making redundancies, you’re not alone - nearly 30% of British...
5 minute read

How the best remote companies empower new hires

As we tentatively ease out of lockdown, it’s time to switch from crisis to recovery mode1. For many...
6 minute read

How to rethink recruitment: Lessons from hiring remotely

The shift to remote recruiting can be tough for People teams.
5 minute read
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