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Improving Employee Experience to Drive Growth - Takeaways from the L&D Community

This week I attended the People Power Summit – a focused and impactful event. 

The roster was filled with forward-thinking speakers and how they navigate the challenges that they as an organisation face. A common theme that emerged was around the goal of improving employee experience to drive growth and sustainability. 

Key themes

Having such a varied panel of speakers, pinpointing a best practice was impossible – as Kelly Pretty, a well-being consultant at Virgin Pulse, aptly stated “One Size Fails  All”. She would continue to speak about the importance of hyper-personalisation and using data to drive decisions on what benefits would fit an individual as opposed to a company-wide ‘buffet of benefits’ style solution. 

But this posed a wider question, how had innovation managed to find itself across most business operations but somehow lagged in HR?

The tried and traditional HR pathways may have become more efficient, but we are ultimately facing the same problems as we did a decade ago. Is this simply because we aren’t investing enough time in design thinking within the employee experience space? 

Nic and Jade at People Power Summit
Jade, Learn Amp Solutions Coach, and myself at the People Power Summit
Opening remarks at the People Power Summit
Opening remarks at the People Power Summit
Key sponsors

Key sponsors at the People Power Summit


At the People Power Summit, listening to how each organisation tackles these questions was incredibly insightful. Notable examples were Tiger de Souza, Chief People Officer at Samaritans, who was a strong advocate for job sharing and the benefits that his stakeholders across all levels had seen from normalising this structure.  

A sense of recognition became apparent for honouring what made an organisation successful in the past and how to continue to nurture that and drive performance. There was also acknowledgment on where the shortfalls were, a challenge for any organisation but particularly for organisations that have existed for 100 years, a predicament that Louisa Hogarty from Noble Foods faced.

Working from the ground up and curating the values from the already existing positive attributes that Noble Foods is reputable for and blending that with new cross-communication led to the formation of the Noble Leaders Group (NLG).

NLG is a group of influential colleagues across various departments whose purpose is to drive this cultural change – dedicating this resource has led to an impressive adoption rate of their renewed values and is an ongoing journey which is constantly receptive to improvement. 

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Closing statements were made and I wanted to explore how these questions were addressed within Learn Amp. As a People Development Hub, we understand the importance of employee experience and actively encourage a healthy approach to knowledge management.

We use Learn Amp inhouse to monitor our own development and career progression with Learn Amps Perform features, and I for one am looking forward to seeing how I will continue to grow here.  

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