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What is work life like at Learn Amp?

Recently recognised by Hyer alongside the likes of Google and Patagonia as one of the most impactful companies to work for, what is work life like at Learn Amp?

First of all, what is Learn Amp?

Learn Amp is the complete People Development Platform; enabling companies' entire employee learning, engagement, skills development and performance management strategies.

Our mission is to help people and organisations learn, connect, and perform better. In short, ‘making work life, work better’.

Our vision is to be the most loved People Development Platform in the world.

What is work life like at Learn Amp?

We believe in the undisputable connection between employee experience and customer experience.

Our success as a business will always rely on how good a 'product' we deliver for our employees, not just our customers.

We’re incredibly proud of the culture we are building at Learn Amp, investing as much focus and energy on the 'inside' of the business as the 'outside'.

In short, we're 100% dedicated to practicing what we preach. Not just because it is a good thing to do, but the right thing to do.

How do we build our culture?

Culture inevitably evolves over time, should be assessed on an ongoing basis, and should be contributed to by the entire business.

We have purposefully designed for this by having open, benevolently honest discussions as a company.

We have monthly all-hands 'Make or Break' sessions where the entire team can contribute to the agenda, nominating something to discuss as a group to make or break. Previous agenda items have included making a social committee and breaking and reworking our work abroad policy.

As a result we’re able to align as one team using our core company values as the bedrock of discussion.

What are our values?

When hiring, we look for people who want to contribute to building our culture, and who share our four core values:

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Impact
  • Ownership

These are not just ‘for decoration’ but something we design our employee experience by. In order for people to be hired, perform, progress and achieve at Learn Amp, they have to live by these values, which were in turn chosen by the team here!

But we do more than just talk about culture, we invest in our people as well.

How do we invest in our team?

As a Learning Technology company, learning is in our DNA. So it is only right that we invest in our team as much as we do our product.

Over the last year we have made some huge improvements to help give back to our team that believes so deeply in our mission.

Learning and Development at Learn Amp

We introduced a brand new L&D offering - something that smaller businesses often overlook.

We do use our own best-of-breed learning platform (which is pretty great if you ask me), giving people access to a calendar of Lunch and Learns, curated content and coaching services to drive self-driven learning.

We also help the team get access to external courses that could benefit them in their career. Recently we saw a member of our tech team through their Prince 2 certification.


We give back.

As a B Corp, everyone in the business is able to take time out of work to volunteer their services outside of the business to help drive social change. 

3 layers of support

We introduced a 3 tier support network which everyone in the business has unlimited access to:

  1. Your manager; All of our managers hold weekly 1-1s and monthly and quarterly reviews with their reports. They strive to continually build alignment with their team members and are on hand to support and give constructive feedback.
  2. Your mentor; Everyone in the company has an internal mentor. This isn’t someone that is necessarily more senior than you but someone that has a skill set that you don’t have that you would like to build on and lean on your mentor for advice.
  3. Your coach; We work with a professional coaching service that everyone has access to.

Career development and alignment

As a company, we look at not just ‘what can you do for us’ but ‘what can we do for you’.

We launched Career Development Pathways for everyone in the business, to encourage open discussions about where people are at the moment, where they want to be, and how can they get there.

This isn’t just a professional growth plan but also a personal one, and we talk openly about personal goals and how to get there and how, as a business, we can support that. Not just in the short term, but in the long term (3-5-10-20 years).

Whether your goals are to become Head of People and Talent, to buy a house, or to have lived a life of giving back, we have open discussions with genuine supportive outcomes to help people understand what they need to do in order to get there.

As a start up, we have multiple team members that want to found their own companies in the future. So not only did we give them supporting material to learn more about how to do it, but they were able to talk to our founder about what it is like to build a company and what you need to do to build something successful.

Progression Frameworks

It seems like a must have, but lots of companies don’t have one, or it is out of date, or it is not realistically sustainable or useful.

We believe that progression should be little and often rather than massive and infrequent. This is something we are building out constantly - and is worth a blog post in itself - but it is vital to talk about as it acts as a cornerstone for the development of our team.

We have invested a huge amount of time getting input from team members and leaders across the business to help form an initial company progression framework that we are now in the process of refining.

How do we know it’s having an impact?

We let the data do the talking!

Since introducing these initiatives, we have seen an increase in eNPS quarter on quarter to a score of 70/100, which puts us in the top third of companies globally that use eNPS as a metric.

The average lifecycle of a team member at Learn Amp is higher than that of industry average (2+ years as opposed to 18 months).

Most importantly, people progress with us! We promoted a third of our team in 2022. Here are some highlights:

What's next?

We’ll continue to build and evolve - there is only more to come.

So if you are the kind of person who…

  • Is purpose-driven and believes in our mission and vision 
  • Is open, authentic and comfortable being vulnerable 
  • Embraces creative tension - accepts differing views and asks searching questions
  • Is self-aware and takes accountability for decisions and actions
  • Focusses on having a demonstrable impact and is committed to making a positive difference, every day

 ….then we would love to hear from you! 


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