Why back the past when you can buy into the future?

Playing safe used to mean running through a procurement process but, budgets allowing, going with...
1 minute read

Three surprising (but proven!) ways to stimulate creativity

2 minute read

Learning in the Google era

Today, we all have instant access to knowledge on our laptops or phones. Any question can be...
3 minute read

How we build a Learnlist: 5 evidence-based principles

Learnlists – what we call our learning modules – are effectively play lists of learning. They are...
3 minute read

Forget the LMS or LXP - upgrade to an Employee Experience Platform

We’ve written before on the importance of HR technology for business success (check out our...
3 minute read

How to make workplace learning addictive

For a decade now, since the crash, productivity of Western economies has been stagnating. That...
2 minute read

Do or die: why retailers need a great learning platform to survive – Part 2

In my last blog I discussed the difficulties UK retailers are facing and how a Wharton University...
2 minute read

Millennials: Are Their Training Needs Really So Unique?

As a learning and organisational development leader, I am regularly asked what opportunities I...
2 minute read

8 reasons why your current LMS is missing the mark

Is it time to think about investing in a new LMS that can tackle your current online training...
5 minute read

Do or die: why retailers need a great learning platform to survive

With the recent collapse of two more household names, Maplin and Toys R Us, UK retailers are facing...
2 minute read
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