Matthew Jeffries, Chief Product Officer

Matthew Jeffries, Chief Product Officer
Matt is Head of Product for Learn Amp.

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5-Point Scale: The Best Way to Measure Employee Skills

TLDR; a 5-point scale is the best way to measure employee skill level because it is Simple, concise...
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'Design Thinking' can help you build better Learning Pathways, quicker

Some of the world's most successful companies such as Apple, Google, and Airbnb use 'Design...
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Why we didn't buy an off-the-shelf skills database

A skills database is a list of skills that can be used by a business to tag their users, report on...
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How to align employee skills with business goals

64% of L&D professionals said that re-skilling the current workforce to fill skills gaps is their...
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How Using L&D To Create Risk Awareness Programs Can Protect Your Business

Far too many businesses focus solely on compliance and neglect to truly protect their businesses...
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Learning Pathways: The one technique to make them truly engaging

Every business needs to know how to come up with innovative solutions for problems. Without this...
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