The surprising truth about Gen Y turnover

One of the biggest complaints that we hear from business leaders is about the high rate of employee...
3 minute read

Employee engagement: this one thing trumps everything

The scale of disengagement is massive: globally, 85% of employees are disengaged or under-engaged...
2 minute read

How AI will really transform the future workplace!

It’s inevitable that artificial intelligence and automation will become increasingly prevalent in...
4 minute read

Learning in the Google era

Today, we all have instant access to knowledge on our laptops or phones. Any question can be...
3 minute read

How we build a Learnlist: 5 evidence-based principles

Learnlists – what we call our learning modules – are effectively play lists of learning. They are...
3 minute read

Community: why some managers triple the number of high performers in a team

Research shows that community is the secret to developing people.
1 minute read

Forget the LMS or LXP - upgrade to an Employee Experience Platform

We’ve written before on the importance of HR technology for business success (check out our...
3 minute read

Three reasons why your Employee Experience needs a digital upgrade

The key to attracting, developing and retaining great talent is to develop an amazing end-to-end...
2 minute read

Learn about expertise from a a successful Athlete, Dancer, Musician

What makes people successful in their field? Innate ability? Luck? Good coaching? Repeated...
2 minute read

Learn Amp holds on to 'No.1 LXP' spot globally for the 2nd year running

We are proud to share that industry leading analyst Craig Weiss has named us as the winner in the...
2 minute read
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