Top 5 workplace learning trends in 2020 (will robots be stealing your job?)

It's the start of a new year, and the future of workplace learning is looking more exciting than...
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How to stick to your New Year's Resolutions (and hit your career goals too)

It's the start of a new year, and you've set yourself resolutions to help make this your best year...
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Top 5 brain foods to boost your focus and concentration

As the new year rolls in, alongside it comes renewed motivation for a fresh start. Whether your...
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Want to pick the perfect LXP for your company? Here's how

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LMS vs LXP: What they are (and why they're the secret to business success)

What's the secret ingredient that is shared by all successful companies? An employee force which is...
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Want to guarantee business success in 2020? Here's how a Digital Learning Platform can help

The year is drawing to a close. The feeling of festivity and celebration fills the air, and it...
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Asking questions is the key to business success. Here's why

Did you know that children ask almost 300 questions a day? But as people get older, they become...
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Want to help your learners become experts at any skill? Here's how

In our last article we explained how you can become an expert at any skill by using deliberate...
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Want to become an expert at any skill? Here's how

Have you ever wanted to become exceptional at a certain skill? Maybe you’ve always wanted to excel...
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Training Sessions: How to boost engagement AND save time

Time is precious. We’re always looking for new digital tools to help us save time and energy. But...
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